About us

The Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE) is a research institute of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven (Belgium). ILSE exists to help build a more just and sustainable society for everyone.

We do this by developing innovative thinking and new research from a Christian perspective on key issues of leadership and ethics.

We engage with professionals and academics, and our aim is to provide resources that inspire and empower leaders to contribute to a more just and sustainable world within their areas of influence.

Our Principles

We believe that the Bible and Christian traditions offer significant resources for understanding and developing justice and sustainability in today’s complex world.

We aim to engage in open dialogue with other worldviews, in order to contribute to this debate from a Christian perspective.

We develop original scholarship in ethics and social leadership to fulfil ILSE’s mission with integrity and credibility. Our scholarship is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on theological and social scientific disciplines to further understanding of the nature of leadership and ethics in today’s context.

We promote core theological concepts that contribute to a Christian perspective on leadership and ethics include the triad of faith, hope and love, justice, shalom, servanthood and stewardship.

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