ILSE Conferences are one-day academic study days on a broader theme, on which several specialist will give a lecture. These conferences are also a great opportunity to meet and share experiences with other Christian leaders from different disciplines and nationalities. The conferences take place at ETF, and we welcome you to join us in these conferences.

The Will to Serve: Inspiring Models of Servant Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship
24th-26th May 2018
Inspiring social and economic leaders are able to transform a conflictual human settlement into a collaborative and caring human community. Can we induce …

Driven by Hope: Economics and Theology in Dialogue
24th-25th February 2017
Hope is a driving force for transformation, innovation, economic growth and wellbeing. Hope, often articulated as an endorsed desire for a future which is uncertain …

Increasing Diversity: Loss of Control or Adaptive Identity Construction
29-30 April 2016
Diversity is on the increase at all levels in our society. Some organizations and communities thrive on diversity, achieving new levels of creativity …

The End of Leadership? 
8-9 May 2015
Since the turn of the millennium, there seems to be a shift of power from the individual leader to the teams ….

Challenges of Moral Leadership
9 May 2014
What is it about leadership that makes being a moral leader such a challenge? ….

Leadership, Innovation and Spirituality  
24 May 2013
Until recently, ‘spiritual leadership’ referred to …

Christian perspectives on Social Justice in a Global Community
11 May 2012
How our leadership affects those we never see…