Invitation to our Leadership Conference 2016 (29th April – 30th April 2016)

Conference Invite

We would like to warmly invite you to our upcoming conference jointly hosted by ILE, CVJM Hochschule (Germany) and GBFE (Germany) on the theme “Increasing Diversity: Loss of Control of Adaptive Identity Construction?” from the 29th April – 30th April 2016. 

Diversity is on the increase at all levels in our society. Some organizations and communities thrive on diversity, achieving new levels of creativity and innovation as a result. Others are overwhelmed to the point of losing control, and may be threatened to the core of their identity. Connections between diverse people and their backgrounds, facilitated through social and other digital media, become so complex, that some scholars speak of “superdiversity”. Organizations and communities must become complex adaptive systems to respond to these challenges.

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In this 3rd Christian Leadership Conference and 5th ILE Conference, we have invited scholars and practitioners from different contexts to share their unique perspectives. Themes such as rituals, “ubuntu”, reconciliation, responses to diversity will be discussed. For a complete list of the presentations as well as the schedule, please refer to the Invite

Sessions included in our plenary include:

  1. Diversity Leadership – An Introduction (Jack Barentsen/ Volker Kessler)
  2. Opening Up Intercultural Space – Stories of Intersectional Encounters (JNJ (Klippies)Kritzinger)
  3. Why Diversity Matters for Continental – A Case Study (Attila Reimer)
  4. Migration, Integration and Superdiversity – Challenges and Opportunities (Kobus Kok)

Location and Accommodation:

The conference is held at the Leuven Center of Christian Studies at ETF. Unfortunately, all rooms at ETF are now booked.  You can find here some hotels nearby. For example, IBIS Heverlee is very close to ETF, approximately 2km away. 

Conference Fees:

125 Euros – Conference Full Fee (Including lunch, coffee breaks and program material)

50 Euros – Conference Full-time Student Fee (Including lunch, coffee breaks and program material) (A full time student should be committed to studying 60 ECTS per year. One ECTS equates to approximately 28 study hours. To apply with the student rate, please be ready to attach your study contract or a letter from your university administration confirming your full time status.)

35 Euros – Conference Dinner (Organised on the 29th April 2016)

Registration Details:

Registrations are open and will close on the 15th April 2016. Please register online through this link:


For more information, please refer to ILE Coordinator, Peirong Lin (

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