Conference “Homo Amans: Towards a Relational Anthropology Fostering an Economics of Human Flourishing”

Peace Palace The Hague Carnegieplein 2, The Hague, Netherlands

Amidst the many environmental and societal problems that our world is facing today, there is growing awareness and recognition in both academia and society that economics should aim to foster human well-being. But if so, why is the dominant approach to human behavior in contemporary economics still that of homo economicus – an ego-driven being pursuing wealth only for his Continue Reading


Conference “Towards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness'”

This conference will address the notion of 'fittingness' in relation to environmental ethics. Keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Dr. Michael Northcott, Prof. Dr. Johan de Tavernier and Prof. Dr. Emily Brady. More information is available here: Registration The conference will take place online, on 2 and 3 October 2020. At both dates, two sessions of maximum 2 Continue Reading


Conference “Bridge-building Leadership in a Polarizing World”

Evangelische Theologische Faculteit St. Jansbergsesteenweg 97, Leuven, Belgium

What kind of leadership does it take to build bridges between disparate groups to be able to peacefully contribute to a common good life?  This conference seeks to contribute to a common good life by contributing insights and practices for leaders who wish to build bridges between different groups and individuals. Bridgebuilding leadership takes many shapes because the need for Continue Reading


Conference “Economics and Human Flourishing: (What) Can Economists Learn from Theology?”

Leuven Center of Christian Studies, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit Leuven Sint-Jansbergsesteenweg 97, Leuven, Belgium

    How does economics contribute to human flourishing? This ever-relevant question gains new pertinence in the context of the increasing pace of industrial change, technological progress, environmental degradation, poverty and inequality. It is clear that economic policy choices frame our external choice environment, but insofar as the neoliberal vision of homo economicus captivates us, our internal sense of self, Continue Reading