Writers’ Conference for Large Publication on Hope with Oxford University Press

We are currently working hard on a major scientific publication on hope, which will be published by the prestigious Oxford University Press. It is our ambition to create a standard work that serves as an important resource for anyone who wants to know or do something with hope.

This work will be edited by Steven van den Heuvel (project leader The Hope Project) and Anthony Scioli (well-known hope researcher and author of the book Hope in the Age of Anxiety) and will contain 58 contributions from twelve different scientific disciplines about hope: what is hope, how does hope work, why is hope important?

In order to achieve a good publication, mutual coordination and sharpening of the contributions of the various scientists is very important. That is why we organized an (online) writers’ conference at 2 and 3 December.

During this conference there were contributions from Deirdre McCloskey, Travis Lybbert, Emma Pleeging, Edward Brooks and Matthew Niemi.

In the coming months, we will continue to refine and edit various contributions. We are aiming for the book to be published in December 2022.

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