Peter Heslam

Business as an Agent of Social Justice
May 12, 2012
Peter Heslam


Through its core operations, business has the potential to increase human wellbeing. Peter Heslam, the director of a Cambridge-based project that analyzes and catalyzes ethical entrepreneurship, will explore how business can help realize this potential. He will suggest that social capital is fundamental both to business success and to human development and he will outline how Christians are helping to build it. Based on the results of international research, he will present practical ways in which Christian faith integrates with enterprise to provide effective solutions to social problems.


Dr Peter Heslam is Director of Transforming Business, a research and development project at the University of Cambridge focused on entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise solutions to poverty. A prolific writer, speaker and researcher on these issues, he lectures to business and policy audiences around the world. He is also an advisor to journals and acts as a judge in inter- national business competitions.