Research Projects

We have several lines of research in different projects. Find out more by clicking on one of the projects below.

Hope as an incentive

ILSE, in collaboration with Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation, Erasmus University Rotterdam, is involved with the project “Hope Barometer”.The Hope Barometer is a scientific project aimed at finding ways to measure and increase hope in organisations, cities and other groups. We define hope as an engaged desire for an achievable, but always uncertain goal. As such, hope can be an important incentive for change and innovation …
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Homo Amans: A Relational Anthropology for Work and Economy

In current economics, the conception of the human being as a homo economicus is considered to be outdated or at least severely limited, under the influence of new insights in behavioral economics. However, the social climate is still strongly influenced by this antiquated anthropological model. The Goldschmeding Foundation focuses on the meaning of agapè for human beings, work and economy. As loving beings (homo amans) we are relational by design. Meaningful innovation …
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Towards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness’

In this project, we seek to contribute to the theological appropriation of the concept of ‘fittingness’ in environmental ethics, investigating it from various angles, such as biblical studies, historical theology, systematic theology and Christian ethics.
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Doctoral Research Project

At present there are several Doctoral Research Projects by Ph.D. students who are working on subjects that are of particular interest to ILSE.
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Recently finished:

Moral Discernment in an Age of Complex Technology

This research project focuses on answering the question of how the gospel influences our appreciation of new technologies – how it guides our moral discernment in this area as Christians in Europe. The gift of the gospel, namely the incarnation, cross, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the justification by faith in that event, is the starting point of all our ethical reasoning. In Christ, God has reconciled the world, all life, with himself. The question is how …
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