Research Projects

We have several lines of research in different projects. Find out more by clicking on one of the projects below.

The Hope Project

The Hope Project is a scientific project that focuses on increasing insight into hope by, among other things, measuring it, as well as positively influencing hope.
Our mission is to achieve a significant increase of hope in Western Europe and North America. We do not see hope as an objective in itself, but as a crucial motivator for achieving for example inclusiveness and agility. We work on our mission by providing insight into the concept …
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Climate Crisis and the Christian Virtue of Hope

As the effects of global warming and its devastating impact on human and non-human beings becomes more and more apparent, it is increasingly important for Christian communities to engage the climate crisis. This project will draw on the Christian virtue of hope as a rich and promising resource in this regard. The Christian hope for a new …
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Homo Florens in Higher Economics Education

In today’s economic education, humans are primarily seen as rational and individualistic beings who are primarily out to maximize the satisfaction of their own needs. This Homo Economicus can cope very well with competition and feels at ease on free markets where he does not need to have a special bond with anyone. An economy based on this view of man strives for permanent (material) growth, but also has negative consequences for social justice and the environment. The question is …
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New Journeys in God’s Mission

We live in a time of continual change. Vital churches recognize the need to nurture a culture in which change is normal. Church leadership has become like white-water rafting: navigating unpredictable currents and avoiding under-water rocks, while keeping everyone on board – all without prospect that the white waters will soon be over. Thus, churches need a culture …
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Doctoral Research Project

At present there are several Doctoral Research Projects by Ph.D. students who are working on subjects that are of particular interest to ILSE.
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Recently finished:

Towards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness’

In this project, we seek to contribute to the theological appropriation of the concept of ‘fittingness’ in environmental ethics, investigating it from various angles, such as biblical studies, historical theology, systematic theology and Christian ethics.
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Moral Discernment in an Age of Complex Technology

This research project focuses on answering the question of how the gospel influences our appreciation of new technologies – how it guides our moral discernment in this area as Christians in Europe. The gift of the gospel, namely the incarnation, cross, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the justification by faith in that event, is the starting point of all our ethical reasoning. In Christ, God has reconciled the world, all life, with himself. The question is how …
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