Research Project ‘New Journeys in God’s Mission’

New Journeys in God’s Mission

We live in a time of continual change. Vital churches recognize the need to nurture a culture in which change is normal. Church leadership has become like white-water rafting: navigating unpredictable currents and avoiding under-water rocks, while keeping everyone on board – all without prospect that the white waters will soon be over. Thus, churches need a culture of hope and trust in God’s mission to give courage to explore new ways to serve and be a witness to God’s love for our world.

New Journeys in God’s Mission is a guide for church leaders to develop a hopeful learning process and a sustainable community for their churches. Authors Prof. Dr. Jack Barentsen and Oeds Blok, are experienced church planters and leaders. Barentsen now serves as professor of practical theology, and Blok as leadership trainer and church consultant. They write to serve and strengthen pastors, church leaders, and students, from a variety of church traditions.

The unique contribution of the book

  • To combine vision with a healthy sense of reality – and to avoid destructive idealism.
  • To foster hope and trust in God’s mission in their own local context.
  • To learn from significant literature in practical theology and practical ecclesiology.
  • To provide hands-on strategies for a sustainable and intergenerational learning process.

The format

The book will be written in Dutch; depending on its reception, and English translation will be considered. A panel of experts will read and comment in the process.

A Dutch publisher, Buijten & Schipperheijn in Amsterdam (, is willing to publish and distribute the book.


The book should be written in one year, starting in April 2020. After the editing and publishing process, we plan for the book to be released in the course of 2022.