Samuel Furfari

Ecology and Ethics: A Different View
17 March 2012
Samuel Furfari



What place do people give to Ecology? Behind only partly justified fears about the future of our planet, a deep challenge to the Judeo-Christian concept of man’s place in the universe emerges. Ecology will be given its due place by analyzing facts, not fears—in the clear light of the Bible instead of hidden agendas. Behind sometimes a pseudo-scientific position on ecology, the worship of nature has returned to a world where God has been put aside. On the pretext of “saving our planet,” the development of poorer countries is jeopardised. This seminar will combine religion, ethics, and science with an aim to better understand the terms of the debate that affects all of us living in wealthier countries.



Samuel Furfari has been an official of the European Commission for thirty years. As a specialist in energy policy he has been in charge of sustainable energy development and has participated in the negotiation of the Kyoto Protocol. He teaches “Geopolitics of energy” at the Free University of Brussels. He has published a number of reference books on energy.

A committed Christian, Samuel Furfari is president of the Association of Evangelical Protestant Churches in Belgium and elder of the Brussels-Woluwe Church.