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To make ILSE a success, we need your support. Please find below some possibilities that your support will be appreciated. We are happy to further dialogue with you as you contemplate supporting us. We thank you in advance for your consideration. FYI, donations are tax-deductible in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the USA.


Support our research efforts

  • Sponsor one of our Ph.D students in full or part in the area of leadership and ethics
  • Sponsor a senior ILSE staff member in a research and publishing project

Support our resources

  • Sponsor books for the ETF library in the area of leadership and ethics

Support our seminars

  • Sponsor the cost (or part) of organizing a seminar or conference

General Support

  • Support the work of ILSE in general

Donation Information


IBAN BE86 2300 0873 3050
in the name of Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw

Gifts are tax deductible in Belgium (from € 40 per annum).
It is also possible to leave a legacy gift in your will.


IBAN NL36 INGB 0002 2068 98
in the name of Stichting Vrienden van de ETF in Nijmegen

Gifts are tax deductible in the Netherlands. The foundation, Friends of the ETF is recognized by the tax authorities as a Public Welfare Institution (ANBI).

For anyone who wants to leave a legacy gift in a will: ‘I bequeath, free of rights and expenses, to the ‘Stichting vrienden van de ETF’ in Nijmegen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce for the Rhine Land under no. 41017446, a sum in cash, amounting to €…’

You can also fill in an authorization form in favor of the Friends of the ETF.


IBAN DE02 4401 0046 0751 5454 66
Bank Postbank Dortmund
Kontoinhaber Förderverein der ETF e.V.

The Förderverein der ETF Leuven e.V. is recognized by the German tax authorities as a non-profit association. Gifts are not taxed up to 10% of the taxable income. For online donations, go to

United States

By cheque or online donation (Paypal/creditcard)
North Valley Community Foundation (Chico, CA)
1811 Concord Ave., Suite 220
Chico, CA 95928


reSource Leadership (online)
Give to “Where most needed” and mention “for ETF Leuven”.

Or by cheque:
reSource Leadership International
5335 Gainsberg Road, Browser
Mention “for ETF Leuven”.

Gifts are tax deductible.

Other countries

From other countries, you can transfer money directly to the ETF Leuven using the following details.

IBAN BE86 2300 0873 3050

Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw
Sint-Jansbergsesteenweg 97
3001 Leuven, Belgium

Our bank is:
BNP Paribas Fortis
Mechelsesteenweg 465
3020 Herent, BELGIUM

Via PayPal (in Europe)